180 2nd Ave,
New York, NY

Closed for renovations

In 2010, The Church Group embarked on its third project. The Ninth Ward, the popular New Orleans themed bar opened to critical praise. The idea, which evolved from a trip to the French Quarter, was to create a Manhattan drinking establishment that was unique enough to stand out amidst a neighborhood that has more bars per square block than any other in the city.

Salvaged shutters line the walls and emit an eerie glow, as if the sun were setting on a misty bayou. The enclosed outdoor garden with its trickling fountains and ivy lined brick walls has become a popular destination for patrons to enjoy a classic Hurricane, Sazerac or bowl of gumbo. Using 200 year old reclaimed wood, and other found treasures, the team created, or recreated, a bar that could have been lifted off the streets of New Orleans from the 1890’s.



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